Cultivating balance through yoga and mindful living

Bringing Life Into Balance

Welcome to Life into Balance – with me . . . Lisa Colby, I am a Lowestoft based, registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance but just as importantly I love what I do. Yoga opened up possibilities for me that I would never have imagined 20 yrs ago, it changed my attitudes, my perceptions, my direction, the way I think, move and breathe. I am passionate about my practice, my teaching & my role in helping others find their way to the heart of yoga, to what can be a life altering & awakening experience.

I teach in a spiritual but down to earth way, encouraging a sense of balance and clarity through embodied awareness. I never tire of observing the relationships between our breath and our physical and emotional states, because of this I teach a very breath centered practice. There are classes that are creative and powerful in which you can expect to build heat, strength and confidence, conversely there are sessions that are so light the whole experience is centered around the release and unwinding of our tensions and the cultivation of kindness and compassion.

Life into balance is more than me, it is the people that have been practicing with me for years now, the welcome they give to newcomers, the relationships we form with old and new friends at our classes, workshops and on retreats, it is my partner and the support and love he gives me & those that pour into our home for yoga and those that we retreat with.

Life into balance is not trendy yoga. In a modern and rapidly changing world, when even yoga has become susceptible to fashions, fusions and marketing mayhem, I aim to respect the philosophy and purity of yoga. Offering an opportunity to slow down, explore and apply the benefits of ancient practice to our contemporary and often frenetic lifestyles. When practicing Yoga, you start from where you are, the practice should be non competitive and nourishing, for many of us learning not to strive is the greatest challenge of all. There are classes at home, at various venues, workshops, courses and retreats. Yoga is for everyone and is not limited to any particular body type, age, race or set of beliefs.

Lisa Colby is a registered SYT teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK