Cultivating balance through yoga and mindful living

Benefits of Yoga

Through regular and consistent practice of Yoga, accompanied by a healthy diet and regular sleep, harmony of body, breath and mind can be achieved. Challenges such as inflexibility, poor breathing habits, stress management, poor concentration and even depression can be addressed and over time will become less obstructive to inner development. Through yoga we can find a sense of wholeness, a feeling of vitality & wellbeing in all of its aspects and both a physical and spiritual lightness. Chronic stress is a major contributing factor to many of today’s most prevalent diseases, but with time and patience yoga can reduce negative emotions and gradually we can become more grounded and centered, developing greater clarity and focus.

Why Practice Yoga?

  • Improved posture, alignment & balance
  • Increased strength, flexibility and cardiovascular development
  • Excess weight is reduced & the body is balanced & toned
  • Learn to live each day with less stress, become more able to cope
  • Regular practice of weight bearing exercise develops strong & healthy bones
  • It can be practiced by all ages, sizes and levels of fitness
  • Increased mobility & strength in the spine & the muscles related to it, easing back pain
  • Movement becomes easy & graceful
  • Cleanses & regulates body systems (skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous & digestive)
  • Improvement in sleeping patterns
  • Detoxification & nourishment of internal organs which are massaged & toned during asana practice
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduce negative emotions
  • Increase self awareness
  • Related benefits include lowering blood pressure & heart rate, improving digestion, lung function & boosting immunity

Yoga is a pleasure, a time to undo and quiet the mind, a time to have fun and be who you are