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Life Into Balance (LIB) Dog Rescue


As a yogi a big part of my practice has been self study and has led me to really contemplate the 8 limbs, the first aspect of the first limb, more than any other ‘Ahimsa’ (non harming) holds enormous depth and raises an abundance of questions for me, how do we even begin to live in our world without doing harm . . .  eat vegan, shop ethically, recycle . . . these things all reduce our harm, our footprint, but is it active Ahimsa? Surely active Ahimsa means we should do some good, give back as much as we take . . more than we take ? Being part of the human race and helplessly watching our destruction and outrageous lack of respect for our planet and the creatures we share it with has always made me desperately sad. This is where dogs come in . . . It started as a way of giving back . .  helping them, but actually it turns out that helping them helps me – doing something positive keeps me more buoyant. There isn’t much in the world that feels better than a dogs first wag on their way to healing or seeing them gaze around the woodland for the first time after years in a Public Shelter . . . All kinds of people are coming together to help these dogs, offering funds & sponsorship, providing  food, helping me walk, offering good and loving homes, beginning neutering programs, home checking and sitting with the fur crew for us while we work . . . . it feels like Ahimsa to me when people care enough to DO something . . . These are some of our beautiful rescue dogs from Romania.


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