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Retreat Testimonials

Retreat Testimonials

To me it was like I had found a little bit of paradise. I loved it & can’t wait to go back. I have already booked up for next year’

Eva Yuva 2011

Yuva . . . . seven wonderful days of yoga & relaxation with a great group of people! For me it was totally in the moment.

Clive Yuva 2011

Imagine this; yoga twice a day, with friends, in what must be the loveliest shala in the world. A shady platform overlooking blue sea & mountains with only the sound of the sea & the cicadas (and the voice of our lovely yoga teacher) Extraordinary home grown vegetarian food prepared 3 times a day by the Yuva family & eaten within sight and sound of the sea.Pine shaded platforms with cushions and rugs for reading, chatting or meditating, short stroll or long walks on a 40 acre nature reserve, blue, blue sea with private beaches.

Janet Yuva 2011

Lisa I just wanted to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the experience of Yuva. A multifaceted experience, the spirit of the place, the unwinding and the chance for reflection, the bonding with a diverse group of people, the cultural ambiance & Turkish hospitality and, of course the yoga. I was quite taken aback by the effect that Yuva had on everyone, as evident from the laughter and the tears. It’s not an easy task creating the right conditions for this to take place but, you did it with your usual commitment, sensitivity & good humour. Namaste.

Jane Yuva 2012

Thank you for extending my learning of yoga in such an interesting & lovely way. It has been such a great first retreat experience.

Angela Molino Del Rey 2013

Great company, gorgeous food, yoga & you – the perfect combination! Thank you so much for a magical retreat – love you lots.

Sue Molino 2013

Molino :- A beautiful, quiet & tranquil place set in equally beautiful countryside. I went there with a lot of stresses &strains of modern life, I came away feeling totally refreshed, at peace &the all-important word “happier” with myself, (The feelings remain with me still) – the morning classess (more energetic) & the evening (thought provoking workshop style) were a great mixture & everyone thoroughly enjoyed them. Finally, a BIG thank you to all the lovely & beautiful ladies I shared the experience with, I am certainly going again next year. Looking forward to it already

Denise Molino 2013

After a week at this beautiful yoga retreat I returned feeling so calm, relaxed and happy. The excellent restorative daily practice worked wonders for mind and body and this combined with the beautiful surroundings and fabulous food would have been enough but Lisa offered us so much more. The week provided such diversity with time for fun or quiet reflection, for laughter or discussion and all made so much more enjoyable when shared with wonderful new friends. Thank you so much for the experience Lisa.

Glen Molino Del Rey 2013

Yuva was the perfect place to surrender yourself from the busy lives we all lead back home, with no distractions from towns and people,just beautiful forest and mountainous surroundings, an enticing warm turquoise sea perfect for snorkelling. This and more coupled with our friendly,accommodating host Atila and his family whom lovingly prepared simply yummy healthy vegetarian food for us daily. Lisa’s yoga was as always well thought out and invigorating, easing us into the week with good mantras to be mindful of during our practice and the rest of our stay, setting us up each morning/evening with a good energy and a still mind. And of course there was lots of fun, new friendships, good conversation, and giggles to be had too with the rest of the amazing people in our group. Thanks again for a wonderful retreat it really was amazing and very beautiful. 🙂

Rachel Yuva 2013

Dear lisa, thank you so very much for such a wonderful experience at Yuva. I was always a fan of yours but now it has increased further, there are few people who are beautiful on both the outside & the inside and you are such a one. Your lessons were conducted with such grace consideration and subtlety. I appreciate how much preparation you put into them, yet still remained the flexibility to respond to the needs of others, you are a true inspiration. For me it has been life enhancing. The venue was tranquil yet thought provoking & motivational, moreover the people who run Yuva & the people attending the retreat have taught me so much. I don’t need to tell you all the qualities of the venue, but it is evident that there is a small part of Yuva within you. Truly life in balance! Yours in gratitude.

Jacqueline Yuva 2013

Thank you for bringing together our group in wild and wonderful India – home of yoga. Everything about it exceeded my expectations. I have made new friendships and consolidated old ones, had lots of laughs,constantly enjoyed the stimulation of the colours, sounds and sensations of India. Kerala in particular & found my own ‘Santosha’ through your inspired yoga teaching.

Jane India 2015

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the experience of India. The beautiful yoga (as always) reminded me to make my practice my own& really helped my mind to relax, therefore helping me to experience the spirit of the practice. Learning about Ganeshe & Shiva was particularly special,given where we were. Looking out to the Indian Ocean was a bonus. Not many teachers would spend their well-earned breaks taking a group of students with them but you have done for several years & I know there are many of us who appreciate it & who you have helped so much to explore & develop their yoga. Once again thank you so much & if you ever consider teaching there again please count me in.

Denise India 2015

Dearest Lisa this comes with a huge thank you from Karla and myself for organizing such a wonderful retreat. It was of course the ultimate one for me and I am so grateful to you for making it all so possible. We truly appreciate all your very hard work in making every single class so interesting and different bringing in the Indian culture at the same time, just brilliant.It was definitely our best holiday ever and if you ever decide to repeat it count us in please. With lots and lots of love Jeanne & Karla

Jeanne India 2015

Ever since my very first experience, as a relative beginner, I have continued to derive huge enjoyment from each retreat that I have been on with Lisa. Lisa’s yoga retreats are, for me, the perfect interplay of a ‘retreat’ that is relaxing and mindful, with a fun holiday involving a bunch of like-minded people, good food and discovery of new places. She has synthesized her extensive and varied training, from different schools of yoga, into her own unique and thoughtful style. This, I find, enables her to create unique, interesting and engaging sessions that I enjoy immensely.

Angela G 2016

Lisa & Paul – Well you’ve done it again. A beautiful place, giving us a calm and relaxing time with fabulous yoga classes. Thank you both.

Christine Lexham 2016

2015 our yoga retreat – A poem By Sue

“A wonderful week at the seaside in Crete
Lisa our teacher with Paul close at hand
To teach us through Chakras
From notes carefully planned
First on Muladhara the root chakra found
At the base of the spine with the tail on the ground
Emotional issues of money and food
But to talk about money in Crete would be rude
The second Svadhisthana lower abdomen tested
With a sense of well being, new friendships accepted
The third Manipura upper abdomen tries
To bring self esteem and self worth to our lives
Number four Anahata – the heart and above
Inner peace & some joy and ability to love
The fifth Vishuda – the throat is its root
Self expression of feelings and telling the truth
The sixth on is Ajna – the eye chakra site
Intuition & wisdom, deciding whats right
And lastly Sahasrara – the top of the head
Connection to spiritulism – pure bliss it is said
The colours of Chakras, the beauty of Crete
Our wonderful Teacher, a perfect retreat.”

Love you lots Sue – Crete 2015