Cultivating balance through yoga and mindful living


I find yoga enjoyable but more importantly for me,therapeutic. My childhood was both physically & emotionally traumatic. I have in my adult life suffered several serious bouts of depression. Through counselling I have finally learnt to centre myself in the present & not dwell in the past. Yoga plays a major role in this. I feel connected both physically & emotionally after classes, basically calmer and that all important word happier.

DZ 2009

As a singer and dancer I have found yoga to be extremely beneficial in various ways. Developing the yoga breathing technique has improved breath control, in order to sustain long notes and phrases. Likewise,my stamina whilst dancing has increased considerably. My flexibility has seen the greatest improvement e.g. hamstrings, hip sockets and spine. My upper body and core muscles have also become stronger and more toned. The most satisfying aspect, after one of Lisa’s yoga classes, is the feeling of inner calmness, peaceful state of mind and a sense of total relaxation.

Karla 2009

There is always an essence of fun and a smile with Lisa regardless how hard or gentle the practice. Seeing her own practice develop is an inspiration in itself.

Ingrid Ward 2009

I’ve known Lisa for nearly 10 years, attending her classes and workshops, and have also been lucky enough to join her on some fabulous retreats. Ten years ago, I thought yoga was all about ‘achieving’ poses but over the last few years have realized this is not the goal, for me at least.Listening to Lisa, and I mean really listening, has taken my yoga into a much quieter place where I feel my body in each pose and honour what I find in each session. A case of ‘less is more’. This approach has liberated the breath which has then helped further my practice, with resulting physical, mental and emotional benefits. Lisa constantly develops her own practice and learning which she in turn shares with us, and gives us classes that build upon themes and the seasons. A true light in a frenzied world. Thank you.

Kay 2016

Expert guidance and compassionate teachings. An inspirational lady. Thank you so much for everything I have learned about myself. Love you lots xxxx

Susan Heckels 2016

I have been attending Lisa’s Mindful Living practices and events on a regular basis for about 10 years now. Although I enjoy all classes and events, Restorative Yoga is a valuable and important part of my practice.It helps me to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life. (Especially useful if you have a stressful job!). I have also been on retreats in Turkey, Spain, India and Italy and due to go to Gambia next year with Lisa. They have been absolutely fabulous and a great way to destress and immerse yourself in the wonderful yoga, surroundings and people. Lisa is a wonderful teacher,who lives and breathes yoga and encourages students to do the same. The practice flows from one posture into another with emphasis on the breath which is oh so important! Definitely the best teacher in the East Anglian area!

Denise Lancaster 2016

When I retired my first act was to find a local yoga class.I was so blessed to find Lisa. She is inspirational, and her classes are sometimes challenging, sometimes restorative, but she never asks anyone to push themselves beyond their limits and is always encouraging and helpful. I now do workshops and classes whenever possible, and have been on many yoga retreats at home and abroad. The retreats have been different, but all have been joyful experiences because of Lisa’s friendly, cheerful disposition and her dedicated hard work. I can’t wait for Gambia next year. As a bonus I have been fortunate enough to forge some strong, new friendships with other members of Lisa’s yoga family.

Christine Holland 2016

I have been practicing Yoga now for many years and have never found a teacher who is as good as Lisa. She teaches with such empathy,patience and love…her passion for Yoga shines through making her passion infectious. Thank you Lisa I’ve finally found my forever teacher after searching for many years …you are a Star.

Rachel Coleman 2016

Lisa is the best – ever teacher! I have experienced yoga classes for years and years but Lisa is the only teacher who not only guides you through the entire class but tells you why you are doing that movement and how it benefits your mind and body. I absolutely love her classes and I can honestly say she, and her methodology, helped me through divorce and double pneumonia! What more can you ask of a tutor and her wonderful way of teaching? Her classes are pure therapy! Thank you Lisa x

Judi Coombes 2016

Having lived with back pain for most of my adult life I discovered Yoga. Lisa is undoubtedly one of the nicest people I have ever met and her classes are warm, welcoming, educational and entertaining. She can adapt any class to suit any ability. Lisa has changed my life. From being in pain on a daily basis to having no pain and being able to work and drive long distances and I will always be grateful.

Jon Regester 2016

Ever since my very first experience, as a relative beginner,I have continued to derive huge enjoyment from each retreat that I have been on with Lisa. Lisa’s yoga retreats are, for me, the perfect interplay of a’retreat’ that is relaxing and mindful, with a fun holiday involving a bunch of like-minded people, good food and discovery of new places. She has synthesized her extensive and varied training, from different schools of yoga, into her own unique and thoughtful style. This, I find, enables her to create unique,interesting and engaging sessions that I enjoy immensely.

Angela G 2016

I have been practicing yoga with Lisa for more than ten years now…at regular classes and on inspirational retreats around the globe. I appreciate the flexibility and sense of well being which come with regular yoga practice and I have learned from Lisa that yoga can be a very graceful form of movement and exercise. One of the greatest pleasures is the way she encourages all of her students to practice with grace and Santosha. So thank you Lisa, for being such a great teacher. Here’s to the next ten years.

Janet Holman 2016

I have been doing Yoga classes regularly for over 30 years.I have been enjoying Lisa’s classes regularly for 6 years, since I first moved to Lowestoft. I have to say…. Lisa is by far the best Yoga teacher I have ever experienced, Lisa has taught me that Yoga can be really enjoyable as well as beneficial, I always look forward to her classes. As a long term arthritis sufferer, Lisa has enabled me to adapt my Yoga so that I can achieve the maximum benefit from the postures. At the end of her class, I feel energized and relaxed with improved flexibility and posture. Her classes continually improved my quality of life, in mind body and spirit….. Lisa you are a Star, I am so grateful to have you as my teacher. xxxxx

Jay Phillips 2016

What can I say? Have done yoga on and off for around 7 years but Lisa’s classes are by far the most enjoyable and enlightening I have ever attended. The classes allow you to explore yoga and are non judgmental, with Lisa being one of the most experienced and approachable teachers I have ever worked with. Recently she has been beyond helpful when I discovered I was pregnant and wanted to continue with yoga classes, she has helped me tailor my practice to accommodate this and has made the whole experience a pleasure.Would highly recommend!

Carina McLellan 2016

I started yoga classes with Lisa just over two years ago, I had no experience. I learned through watching but more importantly Lisa has an amazing ability to describe exactly what sensations you should experience indifferent postures. This really helped me to progress quickly. Within just a few months’ people really noticed a change in my personality, I was calmer and more at ease within myself. I moved to Norwich a year later and have tried about eight different teachers in and around the area. I can honestly say none of them even come close to matching the quality of Lisa’s classes. Lisa really incorporates the spiritual element which all the others lack. I now regularly travel to Lowestoft because in my opinion Lisa is the best teacher in Norfolk and Suffolk. I really love her classes and what they do for me, mentally,physically and spiritually. I feel very blessed to have found such an amazing teacher/person whose abilities have helped to change my life for the better.

Colin Desmond 2016

Came to Lisa not really knowing what to expect having been recommended it due to problems I was having with stress at the time. Lisa is as friendly as she is professional.

Terry Gooding 2016

Lisa is the most brilliant teacher, she teaches with care and compassion. I love her classes and know that she will makes sure not only that the moves are done properly but that you only work to the best of your own ability. Thank you Lisa xx

Toni Duffy 2016

If I was able to I would give more than 5 stars!! Always have the most fantastic yoga sessions with the lovely Lisa who is by far the most knowledgeable friendly teacher I’ve had the pleasure of practicing with. If you were ever thinking of giving yoga a go you won’t be disappointed by trying class through life into balance. Namaste xx

Debbie Young 2016

A lovely lady, who has widened the horizons of so many of us who have had the most wonderful, life affirming experiences, under her guidance. Many thanks Lisa x

Mrs Pinner 2016

After experiencing many different Yoga classes over the years I am thrilled to have such an excellent instructor at Fitness 2000.Lisa’s teaching quality and passion for Yoga ensures all participants experience the benefits of this beautiful practice.

Eva Howkins (Owner Fitness 2000, Gt Yarmouth)